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The future of TV is coming into focus, and looks pretty great

Opportunities for content creators in navigating unchartered territories in television industry transformation


The future of TV is here. It’s just not evenly distributed.

If it doesn’t seem like the American television industry is in the middle of a dramatic transformation, that’s simply because the pieces are scattered all over the place. But they are starting to come together.

One transformative piece arrived earlier this week, when Dish Network secured the rights to include ABC, ESPN, and other popular channels owned by Disney in a TV service delivered entirely over the internet. Negotiating deals like that one has generally been the biggest impediment to internet TV in the United States.

Others aren’t far behind. DirecTV is likely to strike a similar deal with Disney. Sony has internet rights to Viacom’s channels, which include MTV and Nickelodeon. Verizon recently bought crucial technology from Intel. And technology companies like Apple and Amazon are in the mix, too.

Dish will reportedly charge between $20 and $30…

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Where’s the Diversity, Hollywood? 85 Years of the Academy Awards

Significant illustration of where we are today with great discussion and commentary on why….

the open book

The Academy Awards will soon unveil the very best in filmmaking in 2014. As the prediction chatter ricochets around the web, our curiosity about the level of racial and gender representation of the Academy Awards is the focus of our next Diversity Gap study. We reviewed the Academy’s entire 85-year history and the results were staggeringly disappointing, if not surprising in light of our past Diversity Gap studies of The Tony AwardsThe Emmy Awardsthe children’s book industry, The New York Times Top 10 Bestseller List, and US politics, where we analyzed multi-year samplings and found a disturbingly consistent lack of diversity.

Academy Award infographic Academy Award infographic (click for larger image)

Since the Academy Awards was founded 85-years ago:

  • Only one woman of color (1%) has ever won the Academy Award for Best Actress
  • Only six men of color (7%) have ever won the Academy Award for…

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